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Why Participate in the National Equipment Register?

Business losses associated with equipment and asset theft in the mining, power distribution, telecommunications, transport and construction industries are substantial. In addition to replacement costs of equipment, ranging from light hand tools to heavy industrial machinery, there are significant risks to workplace safety and productivity losses are expensive.

The National Equipment Register and DataDot Technology will combat onsite theft, as a cost effective and integrated service that enables companies to get on with running their core operations, secure in the knowledge that business interests, employees, contractors and assets are protected. With a primary objective of deterring theft, the National Equipment Register will facilitate ownership verification, asset recovery and criminal prosecution.

It’s Simple

By applying DataDotDNA® to your equipment and registering the unique codes in the secure National Equipment Register, law enforcement and security agencies can use the unique numbers in the hidden 1mm or 0.5mm dots to match geo-location data to track and verify stolen equipment. The National Equipment Register was designed to take advantage of the success of DataDot Technology in the automotive industry, where car theft has been substantially diminished over the past ten years*.

*As monitored by the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council analysing the theft rates of DataDot marked vehicles since 2002