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How Do I Register?

Inside your DataDot Theft Deterrent System Pack you will have :
a) a registraton form that will ask you to make note of the equipment you will register
b) a table that will help you to collect key information about your equipment as you mark each item.

Record the name, manufacturer, model/engine/serial numbers and identifying features of your equipment on this table.

Remember, the more information that you supply about your equipment, the greater the chance that it will be recovered and returned in the event of theft – importantly, the Police will have enough information to form a prosecution and the thief can be held accountable for the crime.

When you register your equipment, you will be asked for this information. Once recorded within the National Equipment Register, there is no more to do.

If you would like to update your personal equipment details, simply login using your own username and password and you can access your profile.

For any assistance, contact DataDot Technology on 02 8977 4900.

To get started and register your equipment, click here.

What To Do If My Equipment is Stolen?

Contact the Police Assistance Line (PAL) on 131 444 to make a stolen report. In an emergency contact 000.

At the crime scene:

If the surfaces on your equipment are suitable for printing, and a Scene of Crime Officer (SOCO) is available, they will attend to ‘dust’ for prints. The dust they use shows any latent prints, ie prints that the naked eye cannot see.

Once they find a print, it is photographed and compared to prints that are on the Police system. The SOCO will come to where you are, so if possible please leave the equipment where it is. You will be contacted by the specially trained officer as soon as practicable to arrange a time for fingerprinting.

Fingerprints and other information will be an important addition to the DataDotDNA and NER list of your assets to support an investigation.